La "data factory"

Faten Amama

Faten Amama
Data Scientist

Training and Experience

  • Master's degree at Sophia Antipolis university as a data scientist.
  • Data Scientist, MindLytix (internship, March - September 2017)
    MindLytix is a start-up company working in the field of digital advertising, who helps firms to better target their advertisements. Faten's main task was to process textual data to understand users' moods and to know their interests via their browsing history.


  • Textual analysis
  • Unsupervised processing of textual documents
  • Automatic text segmentation
  • Topic modelling
  • Sentiment analysis

Programming Languages and databases

  • Programming languages : C++, JAVA, Pascal, Maple, Python, R, Spark
  • Databases : SQL, MySQL, NOSQL, Oracle, Hadoop

Bruno Chaves

Bruno Chaves
Coordinator of the project

A double background in computer sciences and economics / econometrics

  • CNRS Engineer in Information Technology, data analyst and project manager since more than 10 years.
    (Nanterre University, Ecole Normale Supérieure and Dauphine University)
  • Previously : Research and teaching assistant in econometrics / statistics (Sorbonne University)

Coordinator for several international research projects :

  • SIOE - Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics (coordinator since 2007)
  • IOEA - Institutional & Organizational Economics Academy (co-coordinator since 2002)
  • DIME - Dynamics of Institutions and Markets in Europe (IT manager 2005-2011)

Methodologies and tools

  • Project management, object and test driven development, continuous integration methodologies.
  • Data analyst (Python, SQL and NoSQL databases), full stack web development (JavaScript, CSS, PHP, HTML5).

Svitlana Galeshchuk

Svitlana Galeshchuk
Post-doctoral fellow in data science


PhD in Economics (Ukraine, 2015): Accounting and Analysis of Foreign-Exchange Operations

Publications / Award


  • 2017 : Visiting Researcher at the National Bank of Poland (May 15-26/17)
  • 2017 : Invited Professorship at Université Grenoble-Alpes, France (01/17-07/17)
  • 2015 : Fulbright Faculty Development Research Scholarship, IIE, USA
  • 2013 : Eiffel excellence scholarship, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France

Research Fields

Financial Markets, Monetary Policy, Economic Forecasting, Data Analysis, Neural Computing

Methodologies and tools

  • Data Analysis: high-dimensional problems, clustering, genetic algorithms
  • Neural Computing and Forecasting: neural networks, deep learning
  • Software: Python, R, Tensorflow

Nada Mimouni

Nada Mimouni
Post-doctoral fellow in computer sciences


  • PhD, Université Paris 13 , LIPN, RCLN team Querying a semantic network of documents: intertextuality in legal information access
  • Research engineer, Technische Universität Darmstadt - Germany, UKP NLP & Semantic IR for Question Answering
  • Master in computer science, INRIA-LORIA , ORPAILLEUR


  • A Conceptual Approach for Relational IR: Application to Legal Collections. International conference on Formal Concept Analysis - ICFCA 2015
  • Search and discovery in legal document networks. International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems - JURIX 2015
  • Une ontologie documentaire pour l'accès aux contenus juridiques. 26es Journées francophones d'Ingénierie des Connaissances - IC 2015
  • An Approach for Searching and Browsing a Network of Legal Documents, Law Science Technology Review, 2014
  • Towards Graph-based and Semantic Search in Legal Information Access Systems, JURIX 2014

Research Fields

Document network analysis, Intertextuality, Information Retrieval, Semantic web, Ontology design


  • Knowledge engineering
  • Semantic web, Ontologie design, Semantic technologies
  • Data linking
  • Application domains : Legal texts, Relational querying, Governance analytics

Main Programming langages and Tools

  • Java, R, Python, RDF/RDFs, OWL, SPARQL, TopBraid Composer, Protégé

Ju Qiu

Ju Qiu
Post-doctoral fellow in economics


PhD (Toulouse School of Economics, 2014), Thesis: Essays on Household Consumption Behaviour and Risk Sharing in Developing Countries


  • Impact of Tenure Reform on Forest Management Models: the Case of Fujian Province (with Yan Sun, Jintao Xu, and Ling Li), The Journal of Forestry Economics (a peer reviewed journal in Chinese), January, 2007, p.23-27.

Working papers:

  • Nonparametric Decomposition of the Distributional Change in Body Mass Index in China (with Professor Pierre Dubois)
  • Migration, Consumption Smoothing and Household Income: Evidence from Thai Villages (with Yaping Wu)
    Sorting in Risk-sharing Networks: Evidence from Thai Villages
  • Income Gains From Internal Migration in China (with Professor L. Alan Winters)

Research Fields

Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Health Economics

Methodologies and tools

  • Econometrics: identification of causality and program evaluation, Nonparametric Decomposition method, Panel data analyses, Discrete Choice model
  • Types of Data: Cross-sectional, short and long panels, network data
  • Statistical Softwares: Stata, Matlab, R

Timothy Yeung

Timothy Yeung
Post-doctoral fellow in economics


PhD (Toulouse School of Economics, 2015), Thesis: Essays on Political Economy


  • Political philosophy, executive constraint and electoral rules, Journal of Comparative Economics, 2016 (forthcoming).
  • Other working papers :

    • Understanding Airbnb in 14 European Cities, coauthored with Diane Coyle
    • Do Majoritarian Rules Favour Larger Industries in the Economy, coauthored with Izaskun Zuazu
    • A Cheap-talk Model with Multiple Free-riding Audiences

Research Fields

Political Economy, Public Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconometrics

Methodologies and tools

  • Econometrics: hypothesis testing, identification of causality and program evaluation
  • Types of Data: Cross-sectional, short and long panels, survival analysis
  • Statistical Softwares: Stata, SAS