4th Call for Projects :
the submission deadline is April 5, 2019

Presentation of the Project

"Governance Analytics" is an interdisciplinary initiative of PSL to support intensive data research on governance issues (aggregation of preference and collective choices, formation and performance of institutions, functioning of markets and organizations).

The core of the project consists of a team of post-doctoral researchers and engineers (in Social Sciences and Computer Science) with skills in machine learning, econometric and network analysis, natural language processing, acquisition and management of data corpus. Supports for projects and researchers may be of various forms, but are envisaged mainly through the provision of knowledge and skills of the team.

The Necessary Information to Provide

This call for proposals concerns both researchers and research teams.  They will be asked to specify the main characteristics of the research project and the expected supports through an online form along with a more detailed document and the CV of the main corresponding researcher(s).

The main elements requested concern:

  • the state of the art in the field;
  • the objective of the research and the expected developments;
  • the type of data employed, their originality, any needs to set up original data collection means as well as the difficulties encountered
  • the type of treatments envisaged and their potential innovative aspects
  • the resources already dedicated to the project and, if applicable, the results achieved
  • the means requested in terms of expertise and workload

The Supports to be Expected

The "Governance Analytics" is primarily a team whose skills can be made available collectively to researchers so that the data-intensive research can benefit from the economies of experience, scope and scale. Supports for researchers and teams are envisaged mainly through the provision of man-days of the team's expertise.

In addition to research assistance (for example, a few man-days of level M trainee), limited budgets for accompanying emerging projects (for example, organizing a seminar) could be requested. Given the budget constraint of the project, these limited resources are not meant to finance new projects.

The "Governance Analytics" calls for proposals will be recurring (approximately every six months) and requests/supports can be considered/granted with this in mind. In addition to the decision of selecting projects to be supported, the project's Steering Committee will identify the synergies that may exist and define the modes of the supports.

A contact with the project team before drafting the response of the call is strongly encouraged in order to promote better targeting and calibration (in man-days) of the requests of supports.

More Information

Our team intends to organize information sessions in institutions/UMR who demand them. Their members can also meet our researchers to discuss how to specify their needs. Please contact Bruno Chaves at bruno.chavesferreira@dauphine.fr

Submit your projet(s) online

Please register to our intranet or login if you already have an account.

The 3 steps submission:

Manifestation of interest (deadline : April, 5 2018)

The research teams are invited to notice their interest by filling the online survey at least partially. Two fields are mandatory:

  • Main Objective of the Research
  • Expected contribution / Expected development
  • Data to be created / used

Audition of the teams: from April 8 to April 12, 2019.

On the basis of the manifestation of interest, an audition of one hour will be organized with the project owner and the Governance Analytics Team in order to identify the needs and how the GA team can answer to them.

Final submission (deadline : April 19, 2019)

The project owner is invited to complete the online form